Cortijo Palacio Los Montes

The farmhouse Los Montes is part of what “Los Montes Realengos” was, hunting ground of Philip IV, as it appears on the plan of the house in 1662, found in his chamber. It seems the Crown kept these strategic places to play sports and relax, since Alfonso X (through his Carta Puebla) established what today is named La Puebla del Río, formerly known as La Guardia and La Puebla alongside Coria.

Long before, according to the latest archaeological research, the territory that nowadays makes up the farmhouse, has an epic origin, and it is said Hercules performed one of his works right there.

We cannot forget in early times it was an important Tartessus spot as opposed to what Ligustino lake was, current marshland, when the moth of the Guadalquivir river was not located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, but between La Puebla del Río, Coria and Dos Hermanas. The farmhouse Los Montes is located on top of a hill, facing towards what it was the sea and the majestic Guadalquivir river. It belongs to the Ducal House of Maqueda.

The place could not be more strategic since the fortress (house) and its Homage tower are surrounded by a vast forest, a beautiful garden and a lake inside the Doñana National
Park pre-park area, where the Iberian lynx lives, in some areas that belong to the farmhouse, such as Monte Martel, La Grande, La Cañá La Barca and Marismillas. Important archaeological researches have been developed, in this natural environment, by the professor José Luis Escacena Carrasco.

Regardless of being a legendary place, the building is part of the architectural heritage of the Andalusian Government. It holds a genuine museum inside, a unique natural environment, and because of that, this is the perfect location for weddings, celebrations, conferences, events or company incentives.

In the inside, different paintings, tapestries, furniture and archaeological pieces (part of the Ducal house of Maqueda and the marquessate of Astorga collection) are exhibited. This is the result of years of collecting, thanks to the Dukes and their ancestors.

The house has the Marquis of Astorga´s events hall, able to hold 300 guests and completely air- conditioned. It also has a bull ring that holds up to 400 people, and three paved courtyards. Besides, you can find a smaller dining room for more than 70 guests, plus several rooms.

Very close to the house it is located an impressive chapel in honour of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, with a Neo- Mudejar façade, where concerts could be celebrated. Inside the chapel there is a carving of St. Sebastian, patron of La Puebla del Río, dated on the early 14th century.

You will be pleasantly surprised to visit Los Montes and you will understand why this farmhouse is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding day or any special event.

Our team will be in charge of every single detail, they will make everything so easy your only worry may be enjoying that unforgettable moment.

Besides, we count on a wide range of dishes, we can arrange guests transportation, different types of music, setting up the stage, equestrian shows, bull fighting shows, decoration and many other details. Everything is up to us.

The farm house Los Montes is located at km 6 on the La Puebla del Río road, 18 km away from Seville.